Developing Family Mentor competences

The development and certification of competences of Family Mentors is a project aimed at using mixed technologies for the self-education of future family mentors. Activities in this project are based on four stages.

1. Methodological framework for quality assurance of the Family Mentor’s qualifications.

The methodological framework points to the added value of upskilling those providing preventive family mentoring services to support families. The aim of these activities is to develop and strengthen the physical, social and psychological well-being of the family. Quality assurance in education developing the competences of adult educators is a solution designed for non-formal training and learning spaces for the benefit of families.

2. B-Learning mentoring training program.

The mentoring training is designed as an ECVET educational program using B-Learning technology. The curriculum is designed for the professional development of the Family Mentor. Thanks to an innovative IT tool, the development of educational activities in the field of Family Mentor training will contribute to the expansion and development of educators’ competences. The potential of this tool will be ensured by facilitating access to and use of educational materials by providing clear instructions.

3. Family Mentor Certification Guide.

The need to assess the competencies of the Family Mentor and improve them by ensuring the quality of services is necessary. Certification has a positive impact on the development of a Family Mentor as it provides confidence and greater opportunities in family mentoring services. Certified Family Mentors are able to apply good practices in family mentoring to provide an appropriate framework for personal development and support for members of mentored families.

4. Family Mentor Competency Framework.

The practical implementation of the Family Mentor certification process requires an additional and separate tool, which is the Family Mentor Competency Framework. Describing competences according to levels and categories is necessary not only for evaluators, but also for those who want to assess their competences in the field of family mentoring on their own. The FM Competency Framework is designed for family care practitioners. They make it possible to recognize the status of a Family Mentor according to the available competencies and their level.

Testing the competences of Family Mentors can only be carried out in combination of the four stages of initiation.