Age on Stage

It is an innovative project that offers an educational and integration path for the elderly changing their lives through the theater of memories.

Extending the average life expectancy is a unique achievement in human development. However, it comes with many challenges. The “Age on Stage” project aims to use theatrical art as a tool to combat social exclusion and isolation. It is intended to stimulate the active participation of older people in social life and make them feel part of an inclusive Europe. The “Age on Stage” project aims to develop a theatrical experience focused on the life stories of the senior participants. This project brings acting and presentation skills into the lives of older people to help them transform their memories into stories that may culminate in a performance for peers and others in the local community.

The activities undertaken in the project focused on several important stages of the procedure.

Firstly, on developing a common theatrical path for the involvement of older people in order to help them get out of isolation, exclusion and feel like active citizens again. Thus, the theater arts path must be attractive and professional.

Secondly, it is important to go to a virtual dedicated website that includes curriculum, graphics, videos and interactive materials, for participants to practice.

Third, it promotes staff training to train trainers to use the web portal in connection with the pathway.

Fourthly, a pilot program was carried out with seniors in France, Italy, Spain, Scotland and Poland, which ended with a joint final performance.

Fifthly, it introduces educational activities for seniors consisting in training them via an Internet portal.

Sixth, it allows you to write an original theater play, performed by the elderly. The result is a representation of the life stories of many older people.

Finally, dissemination activities include dissemination via a website, brochures, dissemination meetings and workshops in each country.


We want to publishHistorical memories of people from all over the world“.

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